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лестницы в Киеве
Кованные лестницы в Киеве

One of the activities of DomoSvit is the manufacture of wooden stairs, and this is always a work of art, since the staircase is the central color of any home. She sets the tone and design for the entire room. In addition, this is a skillful work, because it consists of many subtle details that do not make mistakes and must clearly combine and harmonize with each other. Our team works on the manufacture of wooden stairs accurately and cohesively, since it is impossible to make a quality staircase using inaccurate measurements or drawings, you cannot create an exquisite design by improperly choosing the appearance or shade. A staircase is an art that should warm every step of the owner. The main tasks which we solve in the design of the stairs are convenience, safety and, of course, aesthetics.

DomoSvit makes all types of stairs from wood; the choice depends only on the wishes of the client and the available premises. You can divide the stairs into two main types: screw and stairway. Stairway is simpler, straight, one or two stairway, with an easy turn or platform. However, screw ones are already a more complicated staircase, requiring more thorough miscalculations and constructiveness.

DomoSvit Company has created a well-established scheme for the manufacture of wooden stairs, which allows you to accurately measure and create an error-free construct. The measurer is also a designer and constructor. This is done specifically that none a single millimeter or the thinnest detail in the design is lost and the design is guaranteed to combine grace and reliability. After reviewing the room, the designer will immediately notice the general style, and the designer will tell you the correct structure, immediately connect these two inseparable components as efficiently as possible.

Our company has no restrictions on the type of installation of a wooden staircase. Any grounds are possible. The simplest and most inexpensive are the stairs on a wooden frame; they follow by the sheathing of concrete bases and metal frames. They differ in price, lead-time, complexity in manufacturing and installation. However, the strength of the structure does not affect their foundation, any kind of wooden stairs DomoSvit – always 100{e659cd307eb77df4cf5e9d0a077d467871e5fb87df761a1c53c790fad1e1910a} reliable and high quality. We also note the moment that for the manufacture of stairs on a metal base, DomoSvit uses the services of its own metalwork shop. No need to think about where to order the frame and how to combine it with a wooden coating, our experts will do it for you.

We make component stairs only from solid hard wood, especially this restriction applies to steps that are subject to frequent tough use. DomoSvit never makes the upper components of soft wood, even at the request of the client, as the quality of our products is above all. Ash-tree staircases with beautiful texture, strength and mid-range price are mostly in demand on the market today because of their. The more elite of oak is a noble expensive tree that conveys wisdom, longevity.

A budget option is a beech, but beating it with a rich color with interesting details, you can achieve no less chic. A sophisticated baluster will betray the interior with tenderness, a solid pillar of nobility, and a playful ball of fun. The designer should clearly feel the owners of the house understand their lifestyle.

We have been manufacturing custom-made wooden stairs for many years and will be glad to see you among our customers!

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