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The private joint-stock company Construction Management No. 7 has been operating in the construction market of Ukraine since 1988.

The private joint-stock company Construction Management No. 7 has been operating in the construction market of Ukraine since 1988. The company began its journey with the organization of a large production base in Sofievskaya Borshchagovka near Kiev, where it still remains the epicenter of the company’s production. Despite the new open branches, salons, offices and representative offices, it is still successfully working and developing under the leadership of a strong, focused, unchangeable leader. Every year, the company has expanded its range and capabilities, improved and developed so that the name has become too “small” to meet customers. Today, the entire palette of the enterprise is represented by the DomoSvit trademark, which speaks for itself!

For decades, the company in the market has reached the point of excellence in its field when products become a work of art. But not only the prestigious and status type of products is the main advantage of the company. Each piece of furniture and interior is born thanks to the close-knit work of the team, undergoes rigorous quality control at its own production base equipped with all manufacturing areas. Therefore, the products are guaranteed to meet the high requirements for functionality and practicality.

The production base of DomoSvit includes a carpentry workshop, a cabinet furniture, window construction workshop, its own sawmill and wood drying. Everything is created so that there is continuous quality control at all stages of manufacture, production is self-sufficient and independent.

Wood for the production of carpentry is clearly controlled by quality, grade, and moisture. To be sure, of the guarantee of their products, the tree is clearly selected by specialists even during growth in the plots. Selected round wood is sawn to the required size on a production sawmill and dried in its own drying chambers under strict humidity control. Accordingly, after a long painstaking selection of raw materials, the carpenter works with guaranteed quality material.

In DomoSvit, the most modern wooden euro windows are born, looking through which you can see the manufacture of a wide variety of models of doors, stairs, furniture and many other elite products – skirting boards, wall panels, wooden furniture facades, window sills, various lumber. Masters of cabinet furniture can easily begin to manufacture any masterpieces, taking into account the wishes of everyone. However, one thing remains unchanged – the high quality of each of our products.

And the fact that satisfied customers recommend DomoSvit to their friends and acquaintances is the best characteristic of the company!

DomoSvit is a quality guarantee from the manufacturer of carpentry and cabinet furniture with rich experience and a powerful manufacturing base.

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Our experience is many years old, and the technologies in our own production are the latest. Experienced creative staff select only certified materials for the perfect option for each client at an affordable price!



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