One of the main areas of activity of DomoSvit is the production of wooden euro windows.

Деревянные окна от производителя в Киеве


DomoSvit is one of the leaders in the production of wooden windows in Kiev and Ukraine, because this company offers the client a wide selection of wood species for frames, and also four sizes of timber – 68, 78, 92 wide and a leader of 110 mm! An individual computer program has been developed for the most accurate and quick calculation and production of wooden euro windows, balcony blocks, entrance groups, sliding systems and a full range of additional products – aluminum covers on the outside of the windows, trim of openings, window sills, plat bands and many other related products. Wood is an excellent material for making windows. It well passes air through micropores, perfectly absorbs noise, and has low thermal conductivity, high frost resistance. Today, wooden windows are very sought after due to the spectacular appearance and characteristics that have been tested for centuries.

DomoSvit owns a large paint shop, equipped with modern technologies under the guidance of masters of their craft. In the work, we use high-quality proven professional paints and varnishes with the obligatory presence of quality certificates. The designs are not limited in the color scheme – this is any Ral color, a shade of tone-varnish, patina, a combination of colors is possible with a double-sided coating of frames.

Wooden windows DomoSvit – a stylish and effective solution for YOU! Our windows give the interior lightness, elegance and originality. In addition, DomoSvit makes arched and round structures. Moreover, we complement the wooden windows in the log houses by a stylish plat band, shutters, and blockhouse. DomoSvit provides a full range of necessary services in one workshop; it is very convenient and profitable! In addition, we offer Finnish-type wooden windows, which consist of two full parallel flaps connected by wood paneling to each other. We consider such constructions the warmest, since a wide air gap is formed between the hermetically closing flaps, which is an excellent heat and sound insulator. Wooden windows are a kind of diamond that will sparkle with the entire glare and become a diamond if it is cut by experienced jewelers. Wooden structures fit very harmoniously and elegantly into any interior.

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DomoSvit also offers its customers wooden windows with aluminum outer panels. Such designs are especially reliable and easy to use add years of operation. External wooden linings on top of wooden frames protect the window from natural damage and save the owner from additional maintenance, betray the window for extra strength. Aluminum additionally enhances the noise insulation characteristics of the structure, reduces thermal conductivity.

For the decorative design of windows, DomoSvit offers its customers to equip them with inter-glass or external glazing bar, which will give the double-glazed window constructive strength and a unique look. You can also add an aesthetic zest to the design, covering the glass with a unique stained-glass window.

It is also worth noting that DomoSvit produces window-door sliding systems of all possible types. The consultants will recommend the best portal for a particular room and professionally select the right fittings – Siegenia, Roto, AGB and GU.

Sliding systems (portals) – this is the status, space saving, convenience and a chic view of your favorite landscape, it is panoramic glass that is fashionable today. The sliding system is a window-door structure, which, sliding creates a large open area, which allows you to have a reliable portal, and at the same time, if necessary, create a solid open space. Such sliding systems use special fittings depending on the type of opening desired.

Such portals you can place both externally – on the verandas, in gazebos, pools and terraces, as well as indoors. The main thing, which should to remember when choosing a sliding system, is that they are “cold” and “warm”. “Cold” it uses on non-insulated balconies, verandas, arbors, where tightness and heat preservation indoors are not necessary. We most often use them in aluminum, less often in plastic windows and quite cheap. The task of DomoSvit is to create a warm contour of the house, so the sliding structure (portal) should not differ in thermal conductivity, noise insulation and other characteristics from neighboring windows, but at the same time allow opening large enough openings by simply moving the sash to the side and doing it easily.

Sliding systems are divided into several main types:

1. Parallel-sliding windows and doors

2. Slanted sliding windows and doors

3. Lifting and sliding windows and doors

4. Folding like a concertina windows and doors

DomoSvit Company carries out the production and installation of each of the above types of sliding systems – differences in price, technical use and appearance after opening the portal. The choice is only for the client.

Компания Домосвит осуществляет производство и монтаж каждого из вышеперечисленных видов раздвижных систем – различия в цене , техническом использовании и внешнем виде после открытия портала. Выбор только за клиентом.

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DomoSvit Company is a symbiosis of modern technology, quality and price! When you order some wooden windows from us, you get not just a product, but also a work of art! Wooden windows of our production are stylish, reliable and energy efficient!


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DomoSvit Company – invites you to visit our office to familiarize yourself with the products of our production and you can choose wooden windows to your taste and budget!