Domosvit – all the furniture in one store!

Domosvit – all the furniture in one store!

by admin-domosvit admin-domosvit |January 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Very convenient and popular supermarkets, why? The answer is very simple – convenient! It is very convenient to go in, buy everything and spend the rest of your free time with your beloved ones, rather than spend precious minutes painfully searching for a skirting board for a wallpaper. A windowsill for the color of a window or kitchen facades for a good beloved building, but where to look for an individual shelf, a fireplace frame? DomoSvit was created on the principle of a supermarket – in one place you can buy everything!

You can either buy a wooden skirting board from us, by choosing from standard models or create a copy of the skirting board according to the photo or drawing of the designer you like, we also provide the service of mounting the skirting board. We mainly produce skirting boards from pine, ash and oak, heights of 80, 100, 120 mm, any color is possible, absolutely any color selection service for your convenience. Nevertheless, to buy a skirting board from the manufacturer means the absence of “no” – our client has a huge workshop and hands of experienced artisans, the appearance of the skirting board, the material, and the height of the skirting board do not play any role for us, there are no difficulties in making a unique thing!

A wooden windowsill with a beautiful edge and unusual color will elegantly complement your favorite landscape outside the window. How nice, having rested on a warm windowsill, drink warm tea and look at beautiful horizons! Subtle details complement the interior very well. The window looks very holistic and graceful if you beat it with the casing, plat bands and windowsill – only such a picture is complete!

How often does the host want changes in her kitchen, but is it a pity for a comfortable, good building? There is an exit! Kitchen facades made of wood, MDF or chipboard on order from the manufacturer – come, call, write – in any way convenient for you that our designers will choose the most successful option.

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