Wooden cabinet furniture

Wooden cabinet furniture

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The competition between furniture manufacturers today is very high. In addition, here everyone already chooses according to the subjective principle – inexpensive furniture, cabinet, elite wooden or purely custom-made furniture. DomoSvit meets every stated position – the range of our furniture is the widest and not limited by the scope.

Since our client’s location is still a carpentry workshop, it is easy to create fashionable kitchens of a combined type, particleboard or MDF with wooden facades, goblets or organizers, wooden countertops. Such kitchens are made only to order. Very unusual, but at the same time, a kitchen with a case made of chipboard, MDF facades and a wooden table top looks cozy and modern. Custom-made furniture from the manufacturer must be unique, because you can buy such a kitchen in Kiev from us.

Unfortunately, completely wooden furniture cannot be cheap, the price of chipboard furniture is much lower, but you can always add the desired wood decor and the furniture will get the desired chic and nobleness.

Sliding wardrobes, like kitchens, and children’s furniture always look more advantageous in a unique design, but this does not mean at all that the price of such furniture is high; the main thing is to take furniture from the manufacturer. It is not a problem for the manufacturer to replace the color of the edge, glass or the type of handle in the standard furniture model, the cost of such furniture may not change, but the appearance is cardinal. In addition, already a standard wardrobe with a dark mirror or children’s furniture with a bright edge will sparkle brighter than the kitchen to order!

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