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The modern wooden window from the Euro-beam is maximally improved, taken into account all needs of the client, the technical characteristics are thought out for the greatest durability, ease of use and maintenance, such a window is as warm and soundproof as possible. Even the best plastic windows cannot compete with modern wooden structures, unfortunately, they only lose in one thing – in cost, and the price of wooden windows is higher than for plastic ones.

I would like to talk about the main difference between metal-plastic and wooden windows – about the frame. These are selected lamellas without knots, blackness, and cracks, selected by type, color and structure. Suitable lamellas are glued in three, four or five layers to obtain the most durable frame for the window. Plywood is needed to cut off the issue of timber deformation. After a special protective impregnation, the frame is placed in a drying chamber, where it is dried under strict control until moisture content of 8-12{e659cd307eb77df4cf5e9d0a077d467871e5fb87df761a1c53c790fad1e1910a} is reached. This is a very important parameter. Only with this indicator, the beam will not crack with time. It is great when you can buy windows from the manufacturer with your own sawmill and drying chamber, then the guarantee of the timber grows significantly.

For manufacturing of window euro-beams mainly pine, larch, oak, meranti are used, these are trees that are resistant to external influences.

Wooden windows today are made from several sizes of timber, a distinguishing feature is its width – 68, 78, 92 and not widely spread yet, but the most warm, quiet, reliable and status timber with a width of 110 mm. In a bar of this size, it is possible to install a super warm three-chamber double-glazed window! A window of such a parameter can replace a wall according to its technical characteristics. You can reject boring frame, and in return get a warm and quiet panoramic stained glass window! In Ukraine, only a few companies produce such windows so far, one of them is DomoSvit – we are proud of houses that have glazed with such super modern and high-quality designs.

So the quality of modern wooden windows is so high, that the range is so vast that it is easy to understand the advantages of such window-door structures and justify the well-deserved cost.

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