Interior doors made of wood

купить межкомнатные двери в Киеве

Interior doors made of wood

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   What is the main difference between wooden doors? In fact appointment and materials. Today we will talk with you about one of the most important types: wooden interior doors.
Therefore, many people think that all the doors are the same. This is partly true, because many doors are similar in appearance, and have only minimal differences (color, size). However, even the same exterior doors have many differences. So, the main differences: wood (oak, ash, pine, etc.), environmental friendliness, production technology and much more.

Martin Dwyer

Application Developer

Rachel Wright

Art Director & Photographer

Andrew Butler

Photographer & Illustrator

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Style and design. There are 4-5 standard for all design options (models) that people use in apartments and houses, they do not differ from each other both externally and materials (pine). Turning to the company Domosvit – you will get a huge selection of models and materials, and if you do not find what suits you, we will develop a personal design for you. Buying interior doors made of wood – in our company you get European service at affordable prices!


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