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Any house is decorated with windows – rectangular, square, round, arched structures … the choice is huge. Among this list, a separate huge niche is occupied by sliding systems or portals; they are taken out as a separate segment in the market because of their scale of application and purpose.

Sliding systems (portals) – this is the comfort and status of the owner. Such designs save space, create a special horizon. The essence of sliding systems is to install a window – door structure with its usual functions, but at the same time, saving space when opening, and in addition, getting a favorite landscape outside the window, so that not a single millimeter of the casement or impost of a standard window interferes with the review. Sliding window or door systems are very easy to use, open with a flick of the wrist, despite their impressive size and weight. Today it is not difficult to buy a sliding system in Kiev, it is difficult to decide on the manufacturer, and you should definitely think about it, because the system is so easy to use, it must be accurate in manufacturing and installation. The market offers mostly manufacturers of metal-plastic portals, wooden sliding systems are less common, and companies that offer the manufacture of all possible types of window and door portals from wooden euro beams can be listed on the fingers of one hand. However, if you fell into the hands of such professionals, rest assured – they can make any window construction!

The sliding system is an integral window frame in which special fittings are installed – rails and rollers for moving the leaves, the difference in the type of opening. Today there are four main types of portals:

1. Windows and doors in parallel – sliding

2. Inclined sliding systems

3. Lifting and sliding portals

4. Sliding accordion systems

We should remember that the portals are installed both externally and indoors, technically and aesthetically, the location is not reflected on them. The main role in buying a sliding system is played by the choice of the manufacturer. The price of sliding systems is higher than the prices of ordinary window structures, but the portal, especially wooden sliding systems, is convenient, stylish and status.

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