Wooden windows

Wooden windows

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Modern wooden euro-windows are those fragile and inconvenient constructions of twenty years ago, today wooden windows are most convenient to use and aesthetically effective.

Going to buy windows, you need to understand the main components of the structure in order to speak the same language with the manager, clearly state your wishes, and not miss important points in the order – in the end, get the desired result.

The window carcass is a frame; everything is clear and understandable here. The frame is divided into component parts – segments that can carry both a functional purpose and a purely decorating window. You can divide the frame with an impost – a beam that divides the window into the necessary parts; it can be located both vertically and horizontally. You can specify any desired appearance of the structure. With an impost, you can create blind, open, swing-out shutters – in this case, the shutters can function in two positions, both during opening and when airing.

A double-glazed window is placed in the frame, a component that occupies a large area. In simple words, a double-glazed window is glass and packets between them, that is, several airtight chambers to choose from with different distances and fillings (therefore, they are called one, two, three-chamber) between glasses of different widths. The choice of double-glazed windows today is huge – simple, energy-efficient, filled with argon, with tinted windows, triplex … you can list for a long time.

To keep the double-glazed window in the sash, it is fastened around the perimeter with a thin bar – glazing bead. Although this part initially has the main functional role, it still has a different appearance; its edge can be of different shapes.

Further, of course, fittings. This part has a mechanical, technical role. With its help, the window opens, moves, shifts. It is very important to choose the right desired fittings, so as not to be disappointed when, for example, the sash is, yes, it opens, but you cannot put it on airing.

It is very important to consult and order windows from professionals to avoid subsequently unpleasant surprises. Indeed, wooden windows are wonderful for everyone, but you have to pay for their advantages accordingly, therefore we do not forget the old truth – “measure seven times, cut once!”, Consult seven times, and order once correctly! Better yet, order windows directly from the manufacturer of wooden structures to view, replace, and if necessary, repair easily and simply!

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